Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory

Research at the crossroads of nutrition and neuroscience.

Through scientific discovery and targeted research, the Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory (CNLM) drives the understanding of nutrition’s impact on brain cognition. The Center is the first interdisciplinary cognition and nutrition research center in the country. It is an innovative partnership between University of Illinois and Abbott Nutrition. Made possible by a five-year investment from Abbott, the Center hosts an annual research competition to support pioneering, multi-disciplinary research, enabling teams of investigators to apply new technologies and thinking from across a wide range of disciplines to take nutrition and cognition research to a new level. The research at the CNLM is led by faculty at Illinois, in partnership with the leading scientists in cognition, brain function and supporting technologies from all over the world.


Overview of the CNLM

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The Rhodes Research Group

Dr. Rhodes and his lab are broadly interested in exploring how genes and environment affect voluntary behavior. More>


CNLM Partner

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Research News

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